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    Choco Pie Orange



    Choco Pie ChocoChip. There’s always something to be happy about.
    Do you want something new, but at the same time well-known? Something tasty and unusual? An it’s better all in one? Then Choco Pie ChocoChip is the best choice for you!

    Customer reviews (focus group, October, 2017)
    “Unique taste. I've never tried anything like this. It looks like a real dessert, rather than a "snack".
    “One can easily appreciate its premium taste and delicate texture. These Choco Pies disappear in an instant, so I would recommend buying extra ones for future”.
    “There is sufficient filling inside and the taste and flavour are really pleasant. The biscuits themselves are moderately sweet and on top of that have chocolate pieces, which make this biccies not so sticky-sweet”.
    “The package is bright and pretty. It is impossible to pass by”.
    Choco Pie ChocoChip is a fundamentally new kind of Choco Pie with an orange flavour and natural chocolate pieces, made according to a unique technology. The unusual texture of the product expresses itself in a combination of solid chocolate, spongy cake, delicate souffle and juicy orange. Chocolate gives the body the required energy, milk enriches it with calcium, and an additional ingredient, orange jam, adds a fresh touch making the product light and surprisingly tasty.


    Brand Book

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