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    Choco Pie Dark

    Discover the magic taste of Choco Pie Dark!
    Driven by ongoing success of Orion Choco Pie Original for 25 years, we are developing new recipes, and Choco Pie Dark is one of them. We took cacao beans and our traditional recipe, put our heart and created a novelty in the Dark format.
    Customer reviews (focus group, October, 2017)
    “Chocolate layer has become thicker. The taste is amazing! Rich, sweet chocolate with a slight bitterness layered thick tickle your taste buds — I did not expect this! It’s very rich in taste and, unlike other similar products, has no alcoholic after-taste or chemical flavour”.
    “I really liked this dark chocolate, it has such a rich, deep and noble taste...”
    “Dark chocolate is produced with incomparable art. It is really tasty with slight bitterness. And it has also a spongy layer. This proves that the producer can be a Master Chef not just in the production of a traditional milk Choco Pie. I would recommend it even to those who do not like dark chocolate. You will definitely like it!”
    The cocoa contents in Choco Pie Dark is by 70 % high than that in the classic Choco Pie, which adds a much more intense chocolate taste. Exquisite bitterness combined with a sweet chocolate taste and soft stringiness of souffle create a delicious, one-of-a-kind taste experience.


    Brand Book

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