Choco Pie Original
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Choco Pie is the most delicate combination of biscuit, chocolate glaze and soft marshmallow filling, created in 1974. It won`t leave any generation of sweet tooth indifferent.

Choco Pie Chocochip
6 pcs12 pcs

Choco Pie Chocochip goes with orange jam and pieces of natural chocolate. Chocolate energizes your body, while orange jam adds fresh notes.

Choco Pie Cherry
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Choco Pie Cherry is a brand new kind of Choco Pie with cherry flavour. Plump biscuit, tender marshmallow and juicy berry jam inside.

Choco Pie with strawberry jam and biscuit will remind you of sunny summer days and good mood. A berry biscuit, unique among the Choco-Pie line, in combination with a delicate marshmallow and jam will not leave anyone indifferent.

Choco Pie Vienna cake consists of a chocolate biscuit, the most delicate marshmallow and an unusually delicious apricot filling.

Choco Pie Poppy is not only delicious, but also healthy as poppy seeds contain as much calcium and magnesium as sesame seeds.

Choco Pie Caramel
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In our premium series, you will find Choco Pie Dark with caramel filling. Rich dark cocoa biscuit with the most real, viscous and tender caramel inside will make you want to eat more and more of it.

Choco Pie Raspberry is a new Choco Pie with raspberry jam within a tender marshmallow. Jam adds sourness to the taste and makes our product unique.

Choco Pie Blackcurrant is a new Choco Pie with black currant jam inside.

Choco Pie Mango is an amazingly delicious combination of mango jam and tender marshmallow. Fruit jam adds a bit of exotics to the traditional taste.

Choco Pie Apple-cinnamon with apple jam and fragrant cinnamon will remind you of cozy autumn evenings with a cup of tea.

Choco Pie Dark
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For Choco Pie Dark we took cocoa beans, our traditional recipe and created a pie, which has 70% more cocoa.

Choco Pie with the taste of tropical coconut is a harmonious combination of chocolate, plump biscuit, coconut flakes, marshmallow and amazingly tender coconut filling, which gives the product an unforgettable taste that cannot be confused with anything else.

Choco Pie with cranberry jam will bring you even more autumn mood. We tried to make the biscuit soft, like homemade cookies, and the jam inside is no worse than grandma's jam. Help yourself and treat your friends, feel the taste of childhood!