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    Orion Principles

    The basis of Orion is the principle of Smart, Strong, World-class.
    Skills, abilities and knowledge are the basis of the head of the company, Smart, and a healthy environment inside - the body of the company. The Company finds Strong values ​​specific to Orion only and achieves the World-class by competing and developing along with other leading companies.  

    The dictionary interprets Smart as "proportional, perfect, resourceful." It also includes the meaning of fast, wise, refined. The management philosophy followed by Orion is slightly different from this point. The energy that Orion has in mind comes down to "gradual balancing on the basis of major abilities." After eliminating all unimportant and non-urgent matters and focusing on the main aim, the qualitative upward growth becomes possible.

    It is necessary to detail specific and clear goal. Moreover, the essence of the shared goal needs to be clarified in discussions.
    It is necessary to clearly measure performance; in percent, in days.
    This refers to overcoming the shortcomings of the industry and setting an achievable goal. If I am proactive and reach 100%, then I need to reasonably undertake to add another 5%. Both unattainable and too easy goal makes a problem.

    My work, my task should coincide with the goals of the company. It is necessary to clearly define what needs to be done and what is not necessary, and only that work that is related to the achievement of the goal is effectively performed.
    Making statements of meetings, discussions, mistakes and achievements of the company, we create the database allowing junior employees to learn.

    Strong means strong, healthy. The management philosophy that Orion adheres to assumes the work in pleasure, the challenge through thick and thin, ensuring the healthy environment in which it is possible to achieve more than others.
    Should we imagine the energy as a gradual balancing of a strategy or the head, then force is a contributing tactic or the soul that contributes thereto. We can say that the gradual balancing of corporate culture or healthy power leads to the implementation of plans.

    A world-class company has the following three competitive advantages:

    • high added value;
    • client oriented management;
    • original product development.

    Brand Book

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