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Think Smart and Act Strong!
The Way to be World-class


Orion's idea of Smart is 'upward standardization based on core capacities.' All unnecessary and non-profitable parts are eliminated to pursue the core and quality enhancement. The fact that many globally recognized companies have concentrated on their core capacities teaches us an important lesson. IT companies, such as Dell, Sony, and Microsoft, have outsourced their productions and concentrated on R&D and marketing instead. Coca-Cola had expanded its beverage lines, but went back to concentrating on the traditional Coca-Cola products. Orion has pursued Smart Management for a long time. Orion Merchandising Program (IMP), which was launched in the late 1980s, was a Smart Sales Strategy that allowed the consumers to find the right products at the right time at the right place. Also, BPR (Business Process Re-engineering) was introduced to the whole company in the early 1990s to establish a corporate culture which solely executes 'what are essential' from production to sales. ABC (Activity Based Costing) System was developed to understand the income/loss structure of products accurately and boldly eliminate non- profitable products to rationalize product costing. These were by far the typical Smart Management strategies that concentrated Orion's capacities on the core.


Determining what should or should not to be done and doing what must be done. Smart starts from reconsidering why we are doing what we are doing. Smart is determining what doing something brings and what problems might occur with it is undone and not doing something that cannot be done properly. This is also related to 'simplifying' the processes. When unnecessary tasks are eliminated, all systems and processes are simplified. This enables easier and more efficient task processing and achieves upward standardization for higher standards.

Finding the 20% core capacities. "The core 20% decides the remaining 80%." What is the 20%? 'Core Brand Strategy' is the typical example. It is eliminating 80% of products that draw red figures and finding the core 20%. The power of 20% is increasing sales and profits even the remaining 80% is eliminated. It is needless to hold all 100%. The core 20% is all you need. Smart is not doing much, but choosing what is most important.

"Give Them Up & Never Give Up" instead of "Never Give Up". The similarity of globally successful companies is that their business is not quantitative but smart. They concentrate on the core brand. They focus on concentration rather than dispersion. Smart is determining to do or not to do. If it is not valuable, it should be given up. It is needless to continue what must be given up. Only the promising cores must survive.


Strong means solid and healthy. Orion's Strong Management pursues fun workplace, progressive challenge, and a healthy organization that stays ahead of competition. Smart is using the 'brain' or 'strategy' for higher standards, whereas Strong is the mindset and healthy physical strength to make actions. This is the higher standard of corporate culture. Orion's pursuit of a company with many happy employees is a part of Strong Management. If Orion builds a company that has many employees who enjoy coming to work every morning, who love the company and its products, who have passions to make new challenges, and who receive reasonable rewards for their endeavors, 'World-class Orion' will be achieved. Strong is the 'mindset.' It is bringing the minds together to pursue a common goal. Strong Management is the way how we can compete with multinational companies in the West. Unlike Western companies, 'mind' and emotion take a large part of our company. Orion's Strong Management is not just teamwork, but a corporate culture that harmonizes truthful consideration, cooperation, trust, and sacrifices.


Happy workers who do what they want to do. Our mindset has an enormous power. Based on our determination, we might achieve 1,000% or only 10%. Heading out with a happy and future-oriented mindset is completely different from not doing so. The keyword to our success is our mindset. If we start our days doing what we want to do, we can achieve higher standards which those who do what they have to do can never follow.

Making a perfomance-centered organization with high standarts. A company that aims for the average and neglects what is done good or bad can never be world-class. A strong organization equally distributes opportunities to everyone, but its rewards are only given to those with outstanding performances.

Mutual Trust and Respect. Orion emphasizes 'MT & R (Mutual Trust & Respect),' a corporate culture that is built on mutual trust and respect. It is admitting that others and different from myself and having a humble attitude. A leader shall take initiatives to do what is tedious to others and distribute easy tasks to subordinates. Also, 'compliments' makes every relationship smoother and sounder. Mutual trust and respect, compliments, and encouragements between colleagues build a healthy culture and a pleasant ambience.

Never be satisied until you reach the ultimate goal. 'Dreams pursued come true sooner or later': this is Orion's spirit. A strong organization has many workers who are dedicated to overcoming difficulties, and recognizes such workers. The organization that is passionate enough to overcome its difficulties today for a brighter future can achieve its dreams sooner or later. Powerful and strong World-class Orion will be established when we understand that victory is not given but achieved.