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History of Orion in Russia

01.1993 People in Siberia and the Far East were the first lucky ones to try Choco Pie in Russia. Today, Orion has leading positions in these regions.

08.1996 Opening of the company's office in Moscow. This was the first step on the way to become one of the leading confectionery companies in Russia. That was the year when people from Moscow and Western Russia had their first taste of ORION Choco Pie.

10.2003 Opening of Orion Food Russia.

06.2004 Opening of the first test production factory in Zvenigorod with the Choco Boy line. Production localization helped Orion to find out consumer preferences and adapt its products to Russian tastes.

02.2006 Foundation of the Tver factory proved that ORION had a strong strategy for becoming a leading confectionery company in Russia.

09.2007 Start of exports to CIS countries.

02.2008 Foundation of a production factory in Novosibirsk. The location allows the company to supply products to Eastern Russia and Central Asia.