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About company

Orion Group, one of the oldest South Korean companies, was founded more than 50 years ago. The Company`s global activities can be divided into 3 main areas.

Confectionery and snacks

Orion is a leading world-class confectionery company, with a portfolio including more than 100 brands in such categories as biscuits, caramel, chewing gum and snacks.

However, our most popular brand is Choco Pie. Its history starts in 1974, when many years of development resulted in an ideal combination of biscuit, chocolate and marshmallow filling.  

The company`s main production facilities are based in Russia, China, Vietnam and Korea. Orion`s confectionery and snacks are exported to more than 60 countries worldwide.

Due to constant improvement of taste and quality, we have earned the trust of our consumers all over the world.

Russians have been familiar with Orion`s products for more than 20 years. Today all products under the Choco Pie and Choco Boy brands are produced at our own factories in Tver and Novosibirsk.


In South Korea, Orion company owns ten main TV channels and Showbox a major investor in the filmmaking industry.

Restaurants & Sports

One of Korea`s most popular restaurant chains, Market O, belongs to our company. It includes 20 family restaurants with excellent level of service and cuisine. The sports business includes own Pro Baseball team, the ORIONS.